Investment Policy

REIT may invest in additional real estate in the future, the REIT Manager shall perform operations in accordance with the following rules;

  1. The additional real estate investment which REIT will invest in the future located either in Thailand or foreign country and concentrates to invest in office building, office spaces for rent, and other commercial building. However, BOFFICE may consider the additional investment in other types of assets if the REIT Manager studies and assesses related factors and deems that such additional investment will benefit to Trust Unit Holders.
  2. Investment in real estate can be made for acquiring or long-term leasehold.
  3. REIT may invest in any project under construction. The value of investment acquired and applied to develop real estate to be completed shall not exceed ten (10) percentage of the total asset value of the Trust (after Trust Unit offering). In addition, it shall show that there will be sufficient working capital for such development without affecting the survival of the REIT.
  4. Furthermore, REIT may indirectly invest in main assets of the REIT by investing in real estate through shareholding in company established for the purpose of operating activities in the similar nature of the REIT. Such investment shall be in accordance with rules specified by the related notifications of the SEC Office and the Trust Deed.

Invest or hold in different asset classes outside of real estate.

In case of RET has excess liquidity, REIT may invest in different asset classes outside of real estate with the regulation of SEC.