Investment Highlights

Key Highlight of Asset Investment Trust

Location Connectivity; Located in the central business district (CBD) of Bangkok and connected varies transportations

BHIRAJ TOWER at EmQuartier office building or investment asset is located on Sukhumvit Road, where is the central business district (CBD) of Bangkok. The transportation is connected varies channel. The building is directly connected to BTS SkyTrain at Phrom Phong Station, M floor of The Glass Quartier Building, where is same floor of the office entrance lobby. Furthermore, the building is near MRT subway at Sukhumvit Station, connected with BTS SkyTrain at Asok Station and away from the project around 1.2 kilometer.

In addition, the building is located in the center of transportation by car. The location is near main road such as Petchaburi Road, Ratchadapisek Road and Rama IV Road and easy to take the express way. The vary transportations around the building, resulting in BHIRAJ TOWER at EmQuartier office building distinguished in location of convenient transportation along with the urban lifestyle.

Lifestyle Ecosystem; Environment around the building are full facilities and park where satisfy modern companies and urban lifestyle

Environment around the building satisfy urban lifestyle all 24 hours. As a result, tenants in BHIRAJ TOWER at EmQuartier office building are convenient to access shops, restaurants, full facilities in the shopping complex.

In addition, the opposite site of BHIRAJ TOWER at EmQuartier is near Benchakitti Park where is a big green place located in the CBD for relaxing and exercising in line with healthy lifestyle value. The environment of the building is distinguished from the other office building and is interesting from leading companies of both Thai and foreigner since the project has started.

The benefit of business synergies from Mixed-use Commercial Complex

BHIRAJ TOWER at EmQuartier office building is developed for 2 concepts. There are to satisfy urban lifestyle and high efficiency in using property. For 2 concept, the building is designed a part of Mixed-use Commercial Complex and located in same place of The EmQuartier Shopping Complex.

In addition, the building development in Mixed-use Commercial Complex is jointed between office building and Shopping Complex, to increase the benefit of business synergies and image of the building. There are leading shopping complex located in same place of BHIRAJ TOWER at EmQuartier office building supporting well-known and more interested from tenants that provided full facilities. Furthermore, the office also supports shopping in shop and restaurant in the shopping complex especially in working hour of the office on Monday to Friday, which low traffic comparing with weekend and holiday.

High quality of grade A office building and building management

Investment asset is a grade A office building, start operated in March 2015. The building is new, modern, and attractive. It is design in contemporary architecture integrated with exterior and interior design. In addition, the building’s material is built in high quality, as a result, it will strong and long life usage. The facilities are also modern and use preventive maintenance method by planning the obviously maintenance plan.

In addition, the office area is designed in line with the concept of “Work Place Strategy” that will use space efficiency. The building is also flexible for tenant by planning and analyzing in using space for each unit. Tenants can adjust their own space to satisfy themselves, as a result, we can reduce opportunity risk, if the space isn’t meet tenants’ demand.

The property manager is under BHIRAJ BURI GROUP, which understand the building from the beginning and has experience to develop and operate real estate

After BOFFICE had invested in the property, BOFFICE appointed BHIRAJ Management Company Limited (subsidiary of BHIRAJ BURI GROUP) to be property manager.

BHIRAJ Management performs on its duty well and has experience in office building management of BHIRAJ BURI GROUP. This is owing to BHIRAJ Management operate and manage BHIRAJ TOWER at EmQuartier office building since started opening. Thus the company understands the building and tenants well, including the smooth and continuous operation after REITs’ investment

High quality tenants and diversify appropriate tenant mix

BHIRAJ TOWER at EmQuartier office building place importance procedure in selecting tenants since the building had started opening for reducing default risk, tenant’s turnover and maintain high rental rate. We also concern tenant mix, which variety and appropriated diversification in business type, industry, tenant nationality, and size of rental area to reduce dependence income from a tenant or a group, and reduce risk of economy slowdown as a result of affect some industry.

Office rental business trend to grow continuously especially grade A office building in the CBD

Office rental business still trend to grow owing to the market condition of tight supply, while, demand of office space is continuously growing. Location is also a factor of tenants for choosing office rental. Resulting, office building in CBD favors from tenant, vacancy rate continuously decreases especially the vacancy rate in the early of Sukhumvit area is the lowest rate comparing with other CBD area such as Silom, Sathon, and Lumpini.

Join benefit together between the group

Bhiraj REIT Management is a subsidiary of BHIRAJ BURI GROUP, which appointed to REIT manager. BHIRAJ Management is also a subsidiary of BHIRAJ BURI GROUP, which appointed to property manager of the investment asset.

Additionally, property manager of BOFFICE earn remuneration from their duty of property manager. The remuneration is related BHIRAJ TOWER at EmQuartier performance, which is attractive property manager to perform efficiency and earn highest return.

BOFFICE has opportunity to invest in additional assets by using right to offer and right of first refusal

Whole time of operating of BOFFICE, BOFFICE has right to offer office building of BHIRAJ BURI GROUP. The right to offer supports BOFFICE to expand investment in other high quality office building that developed by BHIRAJ BURI GROUP. Also, it can reduce risk of depending on one asset and more attractive in growing business. In addition, BOFFICE has right of first refusal in case of BHIRAJ BURI GROUP transfer or lease or sublease the investment asset to other REITs. That reduces competitive risk in new owner offer better rental condition.